Groupama Arena
13.000 m² rib-roof

Groupama Arena

Groupama Arena was the first station of the stadium construction program of Hungary in which KÉSZ Group participated owing to its skills in steel structures. In addition to manufacturing and installation of steel structures, we played a significant role also in roof cladding and facade formation. Successful construction of the FTC Stadium was the first milestone, owing to which our skills and resources often played a dominant and unavoidable role also in later stadium construction projects. The facility with its more than 22,000 seating capacity is counted as the second largest football stadium of the country. In 2015 at the Stadium Business Awards it was awarded the first place in the category of newly built stadiums.  

Groupama Arena was constructed as a multifunction facility at the place of the former Albert Flórián Stadium. In addition to national and international football matches, it accommodates other sport, cultural, business and private events. Besides, it is the home of the Ferencváros Sports Club.

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Architectural and structural solutions
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