Roof and facade covering

Roof and facade covering

The architectural and glass facade determines the image of a building and forms the outside world's opinion. The members of KÉSZ Group are innovative stylists of a building envelope and are able to give a face and life to facades of the most complex form by means of individual solutions. They are also able to improve our buildings with surfaces where functionality, aesthetics and sustainability are inseparable from each other.

In addition to the sale of world-famous industrial and architectural brands of facades, doors and windows, the individual demands of customers can also be satisfied. Consultative design is associated with machining services in several manufacturing bases within Hungary, so the dreamed building envelope will meet also the criteria for feasibility. The BIM-based work processes from design to turnkey delivery are built on the following production and installation competences and capacities:


  • Distribution of world-famous facade materials
  • 70,000 m²/year facade installation capacity
  • 100,000 m²/year facade manufacturing capacity
  • Hungary's largest aluminum and alu-composite machining plant in more than 6000 m²
  • Manufacture of facade panels built on CAD/CAM procedures
  • Manufacture of complex 2D and 3D plate coating


  • Design, manufacture and construction of aluminum-glass technological facades: aluminum windows, doors, curtain walls, panel facades, combined facade structures, metal and glass facade coatings, glass roofs
  • Production and installation of 45,000 m²/year glass structures in our 3 plants

KÉSZ Metaltech: In addition to steel and light structure construction projects, they are engaged in the design, manufacture and installation of aesthetic and industrial facades, as well as glass structures, doors and windows. Relying on itsr own resources, KÉSZ Metaltech provides services satisfying even the highest customer demands, from consultative design to turnkey delivery.

Baumetall és fronTEK: Baumetall is first of all a company specialized in the sale of building envelope products supported by manufacturers and designers. The company has a wide product portfolio, from self-manufactured, custom-made facade products, doors and windows to the distribution of the envelope products of world-famous manufacturers on the Hungarian and West-European markets.

The foreign portfolio of KÉSZ Group was extended in 2021 by establishing fronTEK GmbH, a German company engaged in architectural metals, engineering activities and production. They assist architects, artists, owners and contractors in design consultation to make the projects more realizable, feasible and affordable.

Frontal és Alufe: The Frontal Group has acquired significant reputation in the field of aluminum facade panels on both the national and international - mostly German - markets owing to its more than 30-year experience. Its products are characterized by high quality, precision and use of high-tech technologies, from design through production to construction. Its ambitions to make a growth in Western Europe are based on their high-quality references and relations with partners satisfied on the long run."


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