Everything started 40 years ago. KÉSZ Group was established four decades ago and by now it has grown to be a versatile, unique company group on both national and international level. We can proudly say that KÉSZ Group is one of Hungary's technology-controlled and innovative group of companies focusing on construction industry and possessing the widest portfolio.  All this we can thank to the fact that we constantly seek opportunities for development, new markets and challenging, unique solutions.   

The structure and organization of KÉSZ Group have been set up in accordance with the Company's mission and core values since the foundation of the Company. All this allowed that the Company improves its competitiveness further even in addition to its fast growth. Owing to our unique setup on the market, we are able to serve the whole range of the construction value chain from design through manufacture and construction to operation. Besides, we deal also in electrical industry, industrial technologies and energy but we are familiar also in the fields of logistics, fleet management and occupational health and safety.  

In Hungary we operate in total three sites - in Budapest, Kecskemét and Szeged, and our subsidiaries are present in further four countries in Europe. Currently we are proud of having more than 2500 employees. We are convinced that, relying on our core values and our employees' skills, we are able to stand on the ground in every situation.  

40 years. Four decades. A great number of national and international projects and innumerable successful stories, by which we form landscape, create value and give ground for decades for people to have experiences in our buildings. All this could not succeed without KÉSZ Group's highly skilled and committed employees. We thank them for this since we are functioning with, by and for them, from day to day. 

We rely on each other. We build on knowledge.

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We rely on each other. We build on knowledge.

We are proud of the fact that we are among the few market operators that have a leading role in the industry as an independent Hungarian company for a long time. We believe that we can thank for this to our employees' skills, our great team and our value system which is based on corporate family foundations up to this date. Our employees are the most valuable building blocks of our company - together with them we are able to do anything.
Varga Mihály and Vida Tamás

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Relying on the common values of the Group, on each other and on our more than 4-decade experience, we change townscape by our building structures, creating a permanent value for future generations. All this is complemented by supporting activities, owing to which we distinguish ourselves not only in the construction industry but also in other industries.


  • We will do it not only speak about it
  • We always strive to be better
  • We do not make things complicated
  • We are open for new things
  • We rely on each other

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Competitive advantage

KÉSZ Group is an innovative technology-controlled group of companies with a wide portfolio focusing on construction industry. In its operation all operators of the construction value chain are concentrated in one hand since we are engaged in designing, manufacturing, installation, construction and operating activities. Owing to the harmonized and efficient cooperation of our member companies and strategic partners, we can serve our partners' most complex demands as a single party. We have numerous references, not only in Hungary but also on the international market; moreover, KÉSZ Group has made a name for itself in each continent.

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KÉSZ Group in numbers

40+ years
of experience
2 500
HUF 167 billion
of annual revenue
5 countries
in Europe
6 million m2
of reference projects