KÉSZ foundation for vocational training

The objective of KÉSZ Foundation for Vocational Training is to mitigate labor shortage in the construction industry so that, by strengthening both the quantity and quality of vocational training, appropriately trained students complying with the economy's needs of succession of experts are released from the vocational training subsystems.

To this end, the Foundation set the following objectives:

  • To increase the importance of practice-oriented vocational training adapted to the real needs of the labor market by extension of dual vocational training, with the pecuniary and non-pecuniary support of the institutions dealing in such training, by increasing the number of student contracts and cooperation agreements.
  • To ensure that the students participating in vocational training acquire professional and work experience in an apprentice workshop in a labor market environment and integrated in a workplace environment, improving so their key competences promoting their entering in employment and, on the other hand, that they acquire practical professional knowledge during that time.
  • To encourage and support the joining of adult education and competence development programs in all fields of the economy and in all age-groups of the population.
  • Apart from the above, our long-term objective is to restore the recognition and social prestige of vocational training, professional training and competence development.