SegítőKÉSZ foundation

"Employees are our supreme value" - according to the confession of our founder, Mihály Varga, SegítőKÉSZ Foundation was established to grant assistance to all of our employees whose living conditions and ability to work permanently change adversely for a reason arising from their work or for a reason beyond their control.

The scope of public-benefit activities in itself includes healthcare, disease prevention, remedial and health rehabilitation and several social activities, such as family assistance and elder care.  In this way the private foundation considered to be a pioneer of its kind provides support and a guard-net for our colleagues and family members.

Apart from the above, growing, education and development of faculties, dissemination of knowledge and improvement of the equal social opportunities of disadvantaged groups are also included in the Foundation's objectives, be it organization of health screening, donation collection or even motivation employees to being a blood-donor. In the Ukrainian war situation the Foundation had an important role in helping and organization of accommodation of our Ukrainian employees.