Steel structure

Steel structure

Steel structure is the web of modern structures and simultaneously the frame determining the shape of buildings. When you walk among new iconic buildings forming the townscape, you may rest assured that you meet also the steel structures of KÉSZ Group. Be it design, manufacture or installation, the precision, creativity and passion of our engineers and assemblers appear in impressing works: office buildings, educational institutions, stadiums or even sports arenas.

The unique complex solutions in the regions - be they on the top of the highest building of the country or just under the ground - require a secure background. Our professional history and vocation are associated with production planning supported by innovative, BIM-based work processes, artificial intelligence and with our own design, manufacturing and installation capacities and skills:

  • CNC machine fleet on 3,000 m² with cutting and welding robots, laser cutting
  • Cutting, boring and surface treatment of steel profiles, plates, pipes in a thickness from 40 to several hundred microns
  • Manufacture planning supported by artificial intelligence 
  • 20 000 t/year manufacturing and 20,000 t/year steel structure installation capacity  
  • Manufacturing center in an area of 25,000 m²  

KÉSZ Ipari Gyártó: A dominant operator in Hungary and the region. The steel structure manufacturing center in Kecskemét, in an area of 25,000 m², equipped with special installations is one of the most modern facilities of Europe, the manufacturing capacity of which exceeds 20,000 tons per year.

KÉSZ Metaltech: In addition to steel and light structure construction projects, it is engaged in the design, manufacture and installation of aesthetic and industrial facades, as well as glass structures, doors and windows. Relying on its own resources, KÉSZ Metaltech provides services satisfying even the highest customer demands, from consultative design to turnkey construction.


Design of steel structures

Manufacture of steel structures

Installation of steel structures

Kész Metaltech brand video

For thirty years, KÉSZ Metaltech has been specialising in steel structures, aesthetic and industrial facades, from design to construction. The company has been involved in iconic buildings such as the Hungexpo events centre, the Puskás Arena, the Pillar Office Building and the National Athletics Stadium in Budapest, which is currently under construction and will be the home of the 2023 World Athletics Championships. Discover our projects through our special brand movie, in which metal becomes a symphony!

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