Clean hands program

Welcome to the platform operated by MileStone Gazdasági és Mérnöki Tanácsadó Kft., which has been created to provide our partners with a whistleblowing platform in accordance with Act XXV of 2023 on Complaints, Disclosures in the Public Interest, and Related Rules on Reporting Abuses. The purpose of the whistleblowing system is to put in place a system for remedying or eliminating conduct that is the subject of a report, based on information provided about illegal or suspected illegal acts or omissions or other abuses.  

Reports may be made by completing the form below. After the submission of the form, an automatic email is generated with the content of the form, which is handled by MileStone Kft. responsible for receiving reports. 

The reporting party has the possibility to choose whether to submit their comments anonymously. If opting for non-anonymous submission, he will be informed of the decision and the outcome after the investigation of the reports has been concluded. The decision on the question or complaint submitted is taken by the senior officer of the entity concerned by the report. In the text of the report, please always include the name of the company concerned and, if known to you, its registration number or tax number.  

MileStone Kft. participates in receiving and, upon request, investigating the notifications.  Throughout the entire process, the contact details of the whistleblower and the full content of the report are only accessible to the organisation responsible for receiving and investigating reports, and the content is sent to the persons concerned in encrypted form that prevents unauthorised access.  The report and documents created as a result of the investigation may contain personal and sensitive personal data relating to natural persons. Information of data processing is available at the following link: 

  • Privacy Notice (link)

The main procedural rules for the investigation of reports is available at the following link:  

  • Main rules for the investigation of reports (link)

By submitting this report, I hereby declare that I have read and accept the Privacy Notice and that I am making this report lawfully and in good faith.