Code of ethics

We, at KÉSZ Group aim to achieve our business goals, our sustainable development and our economic entity while being fully trusted by our partners. Trust is the core element of our operation and all of us are responsible for providing it. In order to sustain our achievements, high quality and the trust we gained, we are obliged to perform our business activity in accordance with the strictest ethical norms and professional procedures. We will act with integrity during all of our actions and decisions. We take responsibility for our acts individually, both as an employee and organization. We at KÉSZ Group expect our employees to ensure that the decisions they make during their work are in line with our corporate goals and culture, create value and provide for high customer satisfaction and quality.

In order to ensure that all of us can be sure that we understand the individual concepts, norms and social phenomena in the same manner and we have laid down the most important guidelines connected with our work and everyday endeavors in this Code of Ethics as some kind of a guide. The content set forth in this Code of Ethics is binding upon everyone of us. In the course of our work and decisions, our common interest is not to leave unremarked if someone behaves or acts in conflict with the values and core principles laid down in our Code of Ethics. We thank that our employees' responsible conduct contributes to the sustainable operation of our Group.

Yours faithfully,

Mihály Varga
Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Tamás Vida
KÉSZ Holding Zrt.