Electrical technologies

Electrical technologies

Electrical construction includes in practice numerous special works, so within the electrical branch of KÉSZ Group there are two member companies specialized in two various fields supplementing each other, in particular Provim Kft. and iON Systems Kft., that realize the diversified conceptions of customers. One of the most remarkable electrical general contractors of the country has been built up and operates as a result of their common work.

The main profile of Provim Kft. is general electrical contracting. Their independent history started in 2017. Owing to its fast and intensive development path, by now the company group with more than 150 employees has grown to be such a considerable operator with own human resources that is unique in this market. They have a very wide range of services and serious references, which are mostly industrial facilities, power plants, technological manufacturing halls, warehouses and logistic facilities, office buildings, public institutions, schools, hospitals, stores, shopping centers, swimming-pools, movies, zoos, hotels and catering establishments and – most recently – condominiums. 

In the course of their building electricity construction projects, they undertake to manufacture distribution equipment, to install low-current systems and even medium-voltage equipment or solar power stations from making tenders to turnkey construction, from design to commissioning.  They are able to manufacture up to 7,000 A and have both Sivacon (Siemens) and Okken (Schneider Electric) licenses, which is also unique on the market. Their aim is to become a plant assembling distribution equipment with one of the largest manufacturing capacity in the market. Currently their production branch operates in two sites, Budapest and Kecskemét where they manufacture panels that have always an individual certificate.

 In addition to general contracting and the production and assembly of distribution equipment, their main profile is supplemented by complete implementation of building engineering automation systems. In the course of this they set up complex programmed controls making our daily lives more comfortable (smart homes, industrial displays, control displays). Apart from the above, they are engaged in automation of building engineering installations; offer HVAC and shading technology, sound and lighting technology solutions according to customers' demands. In addition to construction works and in response to market demands, PROVIM operates a maintenance and service branch, too. They carry out system maintenance works combined with scheduled thermal camera testing for their contractual partners and undertake a troubleshooting duty in 24 hours of the day.

Provim Kft. pays prominent attention to the care of talents - they train the electrical specialist staff of the future in the framework of various vocational and college programs. Students may select freely from various fields and they will have an employee status already during their studies.

Services of Provim Kft.: 

  • Building electricity construction (low-current and medium-voltage) 
  • Manufacture of distribution equipment (Schneider Electric, Siemens, EATON, Legrand)
  • Installation of building surveillance systems
  • Installation of solar cell networks

ION Systems Kft. has operated in its current profile since 2019 spring but has an experience of more than 20 years in the implementation of electrical projects on external markets. They are engaged in the heavy-current design and installation of industrial facilities and special electrical construction works.

They are experienced  also in on-site instrumentation, impulse piping and hook-up installation. Their activities include the design of medium- and low-voltage systems, implementation of medium-voltage energy distribution, low-voltage energy distribution, electrical technology installation, installation of outdoor electrical systems, public and outdoor lighting.  

During their special activities they install also explosion-proof solutions, LED lighting, photovoltaic power plants (solar cells), and e-chargers. In addition, customers can rely on them in installation of substations and in the maintenance of medium- and low-voltage systems and control engineering equipment. 

Services of iON Systems Kft.: 

  • Electrical design and installation of industrial heavy-current facilities
  • Control engineering design and installation
  • Special activities

Construction of building electricity

production of distribution equipment

Building service engineering surveillance systems

Maintenance and operation

Repair service

electrical design and installation of industrial facilities

control engineering electrical design and installation

special activities

Rehau project reference video

Rehau project reference video

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