Lego Factory
96 000 m²

Lego Factory

LEGO Group, the world's most famous toy manufacturer is a recurring customer of KÉSZ Group in Hungary. In the course of the first factory construction, in 2013 LEGO Manufacturing Kft. entrusted our Group to construct molding halls and a waste storage building, in the course of which we performed all architectural, mechanical, technological, electrical and control engineering works. In addition, the steel structure of the LEGO factory was manufactured and installed also by our Group. We had only 10 months for implementing the technical content we undertook, so KÉSZ Group implemented the project in record time to the satisfaction of the management of the LEGO factory in Nyíregyháza. When the factory was extended in 2018, we received a new order for constructing the ENB energy center. In the latest development project the Group plays a key role in extension of the molding halls and the energy center. The fact that the technological setup of energy supply required for production is performed also by the Group as general contractor represents a special challenge.

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