Industrial technological solutions

Ipari technológiai megoldások

MATECH Magyar Technológiai Kft. started its activities in 2007 as a construction resources company but by now it is present on the market as a general contractor in industrial technology and, jointly with several members of KÉSZ Group (Provim, IONS, KÉSZ Metaltech, KÉSZ Ipari Gyártó), it can undertake to implement large-scale, complex EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) projects.

From 2012 they receive assignments requiring knowledge of industrial technology from such large companies as Glencore, LEGO, Hankook or even P&G. MATECH has remarkable references in implementation of the energy, mechanical and technological systems of chemical plants, bioethanol plants, food, pharmaceutical, automotive, power plant, environmental and other industrial projects.

MATECH offers complex service and turnkey construction through its wide partner relations and diversified industry knowledge, so return of customers is attributable also to such relations and knowledge.  The company's activities include energy and technological installation and building engineering installation of industrial facilities, with special regard to special material qualities, welded joints of extreme wall thickness. Its profile includes the design, manufacture and on-site installation of the instruments and equipment required for the electric power supply and automation of industrial facilities. The control, commissioning and integration in production systems of technological equipment are supported by the control engineering branch.

Industrial technological projects are trust-based cooperative relationships since a customer leaves the industrial know-how to the contractor, so it is highly important for MATECH to offer an always feasible solution to the customer. It is assisted by the knowledge of the domestic legal and regulation background, which is prominently important for foreign customers since it builds a bridge between global demands and local expectations.


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