General contracting

General contracting

Our general contracting activities are performed by the flagship of KÉSZ Group, KÉSZ Építő és Szerelő Zrt. which is one of the dominant general contractors of the Hungarian construction market and it is the second largest one of the country in respect of sales revenue. The Company is constantly growing and currently it is proud to employ many, nearly 300 employees. Thanks to the prominent results, success and the constant growth of sales revenue of the recent years, it operates as the largest member of the Group.

The general contracting activity of KÉSZ Építő és Szerelő Zrt. includes currently civil engineering, building construction, mechanical construction and comprehensive project management activities. As a general contractor, it works with other trades and branches within the Group and has an important leading controlling role starting from contracting activity through purchase and project management to the end but rarely even after the project.

The flagship of our Group has uniquely wide industrial experience on the market and can be proud of innumerable and outstanding references, among others in the field of automotive industry, residential buildings, sport facilities and public institutions, logistics and the FMCG sector. Such considerable projects can be linked to them as for example the revitalization of Hungexpo ended recently, the Skycourt Hall, B Molo and other works of Liszt Ferenc Airport.

LEGO, which is a recurrent customer and for which they have performed works since 2013 to date in Nyíregyháza or Mercedes-Benz which took part in almost all stages of its plant development in Kecskemét. In the framework of a PPP project, they implemented development of the Tiszalök National Prison and constructed the Sheraton Hotel in Kecskemét in the form of own investment. The Green Court and Pillar office building projects have been completed recently and the years of 2022-2023 are determined by the works connected with BMW, LEGO and Würth buildings.

In 2020 KÉSZ Építő és Szerelő Zrt. started the works of Danube Terrace Grande, which is the largest residential building project of the country till now. The hotel industry projects still belong to the company's key profile and simultaneously it took a remarkable part in several projects as a general contractor, e.g. in Balaland Hotel and Family Park in Szántód, the Port Hotel in Hévíz and Danube Pearl in Budapest, which functions not only as a residential building but also accommodates Hotel Marriott.

From 2021 they participate as a general contractor also in defense industry projects, such as the Lynx combat vehicle factory in Zalaegerszeg or the ammunition factory in Várpalota under construction, the works of which are planned to last as far as until 2026.

The objective of KÉSZ Építő Kft. is to fill an unchanged dominant position on the construction market jointly with the members and strategic partners of KÉSZ Group and so it has such a power – owing to this a resource- and knowledge-based synergy – that will distinguish it from competitors in the next decades.


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