Jedlik Ányos Gimnázium

Jedlik Ányos Secondary School

The special roof structure of the renovated wing of the Jedlik Ányos Secondary School in Csepel was completed through a coordinated effort, thanks to the work of our Group's member companies and strategic partners.

The steel structure and the building envelope were designed by the strategic partner of the Group, bim.GROUP Kft., the steel structure and the facade cladding were completely constructed by KÉSZ Metaltech Kft., the steel was manufactured by KÉSZ Ipari Gyártó Kft., the prefabricated reinforced concrete was manufactured by dvb Kft. and the roof panels were manufactured by Baumetall Design Kft.

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Architectural and structural solutions
Steel structure
Architectural and structural solutions
Precast reinforced concrete structures
Architectural and structural solutions
Roof and facade covering