Precast reinforced concrete structures

Precast reinforced concrete structures

"Our strategic partner seated in Szeged, dvb Kft. (Délmagyarországi Vasbetonipari Kft. - South-Hungary Reinforced Concrete Co.) has been an essential operator of the reinforced concrete industry in Hungary that undertook to be able to meet the most unique customer demands in the framework of comprehensive, complex services whereby design, manufacture, transport and construction are all provided by dvb Kft.

It manufactures and constructs precast reinforced concrete structures of manufacturing and warehouse halls, commercial facilities, sports and educational facilities. dvb is also capable to implement unique, non-usual, more complex projects and it causes no problem to them where the pillars need to be connected in several places or where the project requires the manufacture of products of special size.

Innovation and introduction of technical novelties in manufacture were always important for dvb Kft. One of its important innovations is the patented mobile prestressed beam manufacturing technology, nowadays with a 172 running meter stressing capacity. Its advantage is that they are capable to manufacture  beams of individual sizes from 12 to even 50 meters and this technology enables also manufacturing of prestressed beams on the site, so the logistic costs related to oversized reinforced concrete elements can be reduced, allowing so more efficient and environment-conscious operation for customers. One of the latest development of dvb Kft. is the 3D concrete printer installed in the autumn of 2022, by which concrete printing can be made in an area of 3x4x3 meters in any individual size, without precast moulds.

BIM-based precast reinforced concrete production and installation capabilities and capacities:

  • 3D concrete printing
  • prestressed beam production on the project site 
  • production planning supported by artificial intelligence 
  • engineering consultation support - technical support
  • own concrete mixer
  • 15,000 m² factory area
  • 12,000 m³/year own production capacity that can be extended through partner cooperation even to a distributed quantity of 20,000 m³/year 
  • production of 172 running meters prestressed beams simultaneously


Pillars, beams (foundation neck)

  • mild reinforcement
  • stressed reinforcement

Walls, floors

  • reinforced concrete
  • sandwich panels

Transformer boxes

  • Own Schneider moulds, not including reinforcement

product design

precast reinforced concrete production



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