Puskás Arena

Puskás Arena

The Puskás Arena - with a seating capacity of 67,215 - is among the largest stadiums of the world. The steel structure works of the stadium handed over in 2019, starting from its complex static and construction design, through manufacturing to the on-site construction, were performed by KÉSZ Group during hardly more than one year. Its logistic specialty is that the special lifting equipment required for construction of the steel structure, the capacity of which exceeds 1,200 tons and of which there are only eight pieces in the world, was transported to the site upon the order of the Group by more than 50 trucks. In the aggregate, 12,000 tons of trusses have been installed in its steel roof structure.  

Puskás Aréna

The Group's works included installation of Arena's building surveillance system and its automatic solutions. We have manufactured and installed more than 150 field distribution boards and 15 km of cable trays and 140,000 meters of cables were needed for connecting Arena's more than 10,000 data points, for their organizing in a system, and for achieving smooth and comfortable service operation. 

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