OTP Headquarters
1 220 m² üveg

OTP Headquarters

In the 13th district of Budapest, during construction of the OTP Headquarters, we implemented full construction of the atrium and internal court's glass roof supported by a unique steel structure. 

The structure supporting the glass surface is made of steel and consists of long-span arched pipe sections, the structural rigidity of which is provided by tensioned connections. The total glass surface is ca. 1220 m2 supported by 45 tons of arched steel structure. 

During construction the narrow internal space, the underground car park under the ceiling, the transport of materials in a city environment and the oversized consignments all represented a challenge. While utilizing our work area to the maximum, we managed to build a very lightsome structure using crane trucks. This structure with shading technology became an exciting element of the complex of buildings. 

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Steel structure
Architectural and structural solutions
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