Reconstruction of Kossuth Square

Reconstruction of Kossuth Square

The Nation's Main Square, i.e. Kossuth Lajos square, being a prominent and emblematic site, is one of the most significant references of KÉSZ Group. In the framework of the Steindl Imre Program, we implemented the whole reconstruction of the square and constructed a three-storey underground car park and a visitor center in the direct neighborhood of the Parliament. Furthermore, we placed the National Flag of 28 square meters at a height of 33 meters near the Nation's Water closing the square.  

Protection against the danger of flood arisen from River Danube in the meanwhile, in which the prospective underground car park filled with water passed the exam as an abutment wall securing the embankment and in the reinforcement of which the Group's water construction fleet played also a role, represented one of the great challenges of the project. During one year more than 3,000 people worked for modernization of the square. Sustainability was one of our most guidelines during reconstruction. The former asphalt pavements were replaced by 85,000 shrubs and 132 trees, providing a greener, more liveable space to visitors. Construction of Kossuth Lajos square won the Construction Award of Excellence, one of the most prestigious honors of the construction industry in Hungary.  

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