Floating structures

Vízépítés, úszóművek

The activities of KÉSZ Group include the manufacture, conversion, repair and servicing of water equipment and water construction.

Its services include the following activities:

  • Manufacture, conversion, repair and servicing of water equipment 
  • Professional support in the preparation and permission of the designs of water equipment
  • River transport
  • River bed regulation
  • Bed material excavation
  • Environmental rehabilitation works
  • Embankment construction 
  • Water works construction

Our strategic partner in the manufacture and installation of float  gears is MAHART-Tiszayacht Kft., which started its activities in Szeged in January 1996, in the area of the former MAHART Hajójavító (Docking) plant in Tápé, the history of which goes back as far as 1890. The plant established for the regulation works at River Tisza and its affluents is extremely unique: it has been the only, continuously operating Hungarian docking plants since the 19th century, which has been still operating with a constantly developed machine and equipment fleet since then. By now it operates in this site as a regular team consisting of almost 30 employees. 

Mahart Tiszayacht Kft. operates in an area of more than 15,000 m2, in a plant equipped with the required technology and products. The slide-way in the plant (i.e. the slide-way used for pulling ships ashore and lower and for ship construction) allows lifting and floating of long and large-weight float-gears. The land equipment of the plant enables manufacture and repair of these vehicles. They manufacture, convert and repair barges, ships, ferries, complete port and flood protection floating bridges, moles or water access bridges intended for various purposes. Furthermore, they manufacture and repair aluminum, steel boat bodies upon orders, based on a design or sample and render assistance in the preparation and permission of the designs of water equipment.

Apart from the above, they undertake to construct small light-weight hobby buildings standing on cylindrical or box floating installations from design to construction based on individual orders. Their specialty is that the dwelling units can be extended by sauna or even a recessed basin. 

Mahart Tiszayacht Kft., as the strategic partner  of KÉSZ Group, accommodates practical training sessions of the KÉSZ Vocational Academy at its site. Its team consists of recognized and active teachers and trainers who transfer up-to-date professional knowledge to students. The common goal of the company and KÉSZ Group is to let the students in the working life in possession of not only theoretical knowledge but also the relevant practical experience.

 In addition to the manufacture, repair and maintenance of water equipment, KÉSZ Group is engaged in water construction activity as well. Water construction is the aggregate of water-related construction activities that cannot be performed or cannot be performed in an economic way from land. It includes construction of works regulating dead and flowing waters, general engineering works and utilization of water-power. It is a very special market in Hungary.  MA-HARD Hajózási és Vízépítő Kft., a member of the Group, saved and took up for operation the floating work equipment playing a dominant role in domestic water construction in the recent decades since the beginning of 2011 step by step.

Now they operate the most complex water construction fleet of the region. Performance of several works is possible only with the use of special water construction equipment included in their equipment fleet. Such works and fields include bridge construction, channel dredging, river regulation and environmental rehabilitation. The team consisting of near 40 specialists includes shipmasters, floating machine drivers, heavy machine operators, machinists and crewmembers. Their transport capacity is near 10,000 tons. They have such floating machines by which they can set up a platform on the water surface. The modular pontoon system can put a surface area of ca. 450 square meters on the water that can be even lifted out from water by hydraulic piles. The rescue of "Hableány" in the course of which the working surface, from where the rescue team could work, were secured by MA-HARD's machines is a sad example. As regards the lakes in Hungary, they participated in the rehabilitation of Lake Velencei and Lake Fertő, in port constructions at Lake Balaton and other embankment reinforcement works. In the axis of Lake Balaton, 4 meteorological stations were set up in 2021, the platforms of which were constructed by them.  It is interesting that the water level of the cold water channel of Paks Nuclear Power Plant is secured by a duty system. If the appropriate water discharge is not available, it will be replenished, providing so continuous and safe operation.

No doubt that their greatest reference is saving of steamship "Szőke Tisza" (Blonde Tisza). The old treasure of Hungarian shipping was carried to the Tápé bay near Szeged in the beginning of the 2000s where it settled down in 2012. During the rescue action MA-HARD's experts brought up the steamship wreck to the surface and trailed it to the shore. They aimed at not only lifting it out but also at maintaining it intact. They worked out such an individual custom-made technology for "Szőke Tisza" that not only they could not tested but even could not probe, so this project can be considered a feat in technical terms.

MA-HARD was aimed at "growing a new shipping generation", which is guaranteed, in addition to their commitment, by the shipping and water construction specialists who have become experts in the flourishing period of national shipping who, by transferring their knowledge and experience, continue to work to achieve that the young people who are receptive to beauty and challenges of the profession grow up to the challenges of our age as soon as possible.


production of water equipment

professional support

river transport

rived bed regulation

bed material excavation

environmental rehabilitation

embankment construction

waterworks construction

Saving of the steamship "Szőke Tisza"

During the rescue action MA-HARD's experts brought up the steamship wreck to the surface and trailed it to the shore.

They aimed at not only lifting it out but also at maintaining it intact. They worked out an individual custom-made technology for "Szőke Tisza", so this project can be considered a feat in technical terms.

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