Kistefos Museum
3 570 m²

Kistefos Museum

This uniquely special building was dreamt by the Bjarke Ingels Group, one of the most famous architect offices of the world. The twisted geometry spans over the river as a bridge and we designed, manufactured and constructed an individual metal plate covering on it. Designing metal plates on such a complicated surface requires outstanding skills and experience in BIM design and management of programs. In the twisted section each panel was modeled as a unique, independent piece. When analyzing the space between the steel structure and the covering layer we had to go beyond even the limits of BIM design. We have high-level knowledge of various CAD programs and methods used typically in airplane and automotive production rather than in the construction industry. In this field our experience enables us to implement always the best solution and to develop a complete building covering system even for the hardest geometry. 

Architectural and structural solutions
Roof and facade covering