Ashgabat International Airport

Ashgabat International Airport

The new Ashgabat International Airport was the largest infrastructural investment of the history of Turkmenistan. We are proud of the fact that we participated in this project that is special even in formal terms because the two terminals required extraordinarily refined 3D modeling, designing and engineering knowledge. The team of designers and engineers of Baumetall, our member company is really characterized by these skills. 

The two terminal buildings (VIP and passenger terminals) form a bird and have been covered by single square and double curvilinear ALU boards and placed on waterproof RIB-ROOF seamline metal plates. Such a work requires real concentration from the designers, engineers and contractors. The upper wing surface of the building contains 7,520 m2 aluminum plates. The area of the bottom covering was 1,920 m2.  Ashgabat

During design of the multiple curvilinear surfaces, we worked in close cooperation with the structural and specialized designers. The unique forms on the building required special structural solutions. The upper surface of the building was covered by 18,657 m2 and its bottom surface was covered by 3,013 m2 of aluminum plates. The building is characterized by the bullnose section containing 8,969 m2 of gold panels. 

The challenge in this project was preparation of the product designs and the manufacturing of the panels of different size and form. In addition, we had to perform at the PTB terminal the design and construction of the design lines in the section facing the passenger bridges. 

Architectural and structural solutions
Roof and facade covering