Atenor Dacia One Office Building
30 000 m²

Atenor Dacia One Office Building

Atenor Dacia ONE office building: connecting the past and modern architecture. KÉSZ Romania continued the history of the Cesianu house in Bucharest: the building used formerly as the theatre of the Soviet community was given a new function, as an office building, together with the former German embassy and a monument building, as investment of the Belgian Atenor group. The works represented a challenge not only due to the monument status of the historical buildings and the replacement of the artistic ornaments damaged but also due to their location because the development project is located at the crossing of Victory road and Dacia avenue. As a result of its successful construction, the building was awarded a certificate of merit at the Architectural Gala of the Order of Romanian Architects in the Implemented Public Buildings category.

KÉSZ International