KÉSZ Romania

Now KÉSZ Romania has a more than 20-year history. The beginnings go back as far as 2001 when, owing to the economic upswing in Romania and the strengthening of inclination to investment, the parent company that had already  a history of 20 years at that time opened its first branch office abroad in Kolozsvár. By this KÉSZ Group could enter the market among the first investors and could convince its partners that it is able to perform the more and more complex orders in a responsible way and in the required quantity beyond the borders of Hungary as well. 

The subsidiary's atypical feature that its seat is not located in the capital of the country. Instead, it moved to Kolozsvár, the second most densely populated town of the country and linked to the history of Hungary, a famous university center. In the course of time this decision has proved to be good since the town's explosion-like development has attracted young people, largely contributing to the building and development of the team of KÉSZ Romania.

In the beginning the Romanian company sold the hall-type structures constructed by the steel structure plant in Kecskemét belonging to KÉSZ Group, i.e. KÉSZ Építő és Szerelő Zrt., including their design and installation, and reached implementation of significant projects by taking small steps. As the investment tendencies have changed, the Group's development in Romania has accelerated, largely owing to the parent company's professional background, support and stability, and its trust in the knowledge and work of the local employees. Their work processes, quality management systems and methods all operate according to the Group's standards, providing so for constant skills, reliability and compliance with deadlines. We can safely and proudly say that KÉSZ Romania represents the Group's interests across borders.

Nowadays KÉSZ Romania as a general contractor provides comprehensive services in the field of building construction and simultaneously it has become one of the dominant companies of the building industry in Romania and one of the significant operators of the Central-Eastern European region. Their home, the Hexagon Offices was established as the own investment of KÉSZ Group: when it was handed over, it was the most considerable Hungarian investment of the region. As a main contractor it has several references in the field of industrial, commercial and other investments: it is engaged in the complex construction of manufacturing halls, warehouses, plants, commercial buildings. The experiences and works of the recent years proved that - similarly to the parent company - the Romanian team is also able to build up the widest verticum of buildings, including several last generation office buildings, shopping centers, public buildings, gyms, health care buildings, moreover, wellness centers.

KÉSZ Romania performs all related works from design through construction and specific installations to real estate development that are or may be required by a current and future market customer. The development of the company and the development of the people that constitute it can be closely related to each other, so at this point of the process it set the ambitious goal that KÉSZ Romania will become one of the 10 leading construction companies of the country. 


  • General construction
  • Comprehensive design
  • Comprehensive construction
  • Electrical networks
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