When dreamer and creator meet - Metal.Meet 2.0 exceeds last year's success

Once again, the large-scale Metal.Meet 2.0 – hosted jointly by bim.GROUP and KÉSZ Metaltech – was a huge success, where nearly 120 participants had the opportunity to gain insight into good practices in the world of design, construction and manufacturing, all in the context of sustainability and digitalisation. In addition to the staff of KÉSZ Group and the two companies, a number of national and international guest speakers also gave their valuable presentations in the central Hungexpo building.

Metal.Meet 2.0 included presentations on the large-scale construction projects, architectural solutions, new or already established services of bim.GROUP, KÉSZ Metaltech and KÉSZ Group, but visitors also learned about the world of Hololens, were provided extensive information on the Lean approach, and also focused on the topics of steel structures and facade cladding.


"Metal.Meet 2.0 was born in this way and in this form because the two companies are rowing in the same direction, progressing together on the same path. We are constantly looking for ways to develop, and we believe we have now reached a turning point where sustainability and digitalisation can be more than just a cornerstone of the way bim.GROUP, KÉSZ Metaltech and KÉSZ Group work, but can also open up new perspectives and provide a new range of services in the design, production and construction of steel structures and facade cladding,” emphasised bim.GROUP CEO Zsolt Ballay in connection with this year's joint cooperation.

"Metal.Meet 2.0 is alive again this year because I can proudly say – on behalf of both KÉSZ Metaltech and bim.GROUP – that we have achieved outstanding results in just a single year, and it shows the professional respect and the effectiveness of the cooperation between the two companies. Both companies have been and are involved in extraordinary projects in their own and common areas, and have introduced new solutions in the design, production and construction of steel structures and facade cladding", said Róbert Barócsi, Head of the Architectural and Structural Solutions at KÉSZ Group and Managing Director of KÉSZ Metaltech Kft.


Below are the titles of the presentations and the list of speakers:

  • KÉSZ Group’s sustainability efforts

Presenter: Zoltán Légrády, Head of EHSSQ at KÉSZ Group

  • KÉSZ Greentech Solar Parking

Presenter: Dávid Nagy, Project Lead Designer of bim.GROUP Kft.

  • International efforts and cooperation – Presentation by the heads of Frontal Group and RAICO

Presenters: Thorsten Evenkamp, Managing Partner of Frontal Group, Philipp Nuscheler, Head of Project Sales at RAICO GmbH

  • Presentation of the award-winning Alba Arena project

Presenters: Dávid Lewandowski, Project Lead Designer of bim.GROUP Kft., Zoltán Kardos, Managing Director of KÉSZ Metaltech Kft.

  • The modular architectural solution jointly developed by KÉSZ Group and Masterplast

Presenter: Gábor Csokló, Managing Director of Masterplast Modulhouse Kft.

  • Exploiting Hololens' design, construction and manufacturing potential and presenting existing solutions

Presenter: Gábor Székely, expert at IQ Kecskemét Kft.

  • Presentation of the architectural design of the Jedlik Ányos Secondary School

Presenters: Ádám Szabó, Project Manager at bim.GROUP Kft., Zoltán Reznicsek, Designer of RMG Atelier

  • Design of a support structure optimised for production and assembly at the Jedlik Ányos Secondary School

Presenter: Arnold Gyuricza, Project Lead Designer of bim.GROUP Kft.

  • National Transport Museum project presentation