HRBEST special award

We won an employer branding special award at HRBEST

Addressing young talents has been one of the prominent objectives of KÉSZ Group for a long time, so it is a special joy for us that the dignified professional jury of HRBEST 2022 awarded the Employer Branding special award to us.

We deserved the recognition won in the Talent Attraction category owing to our Instagram campaign brought into being jointly with Positive Adamsky's team, in which we asked young gamers to build the building of their dreams and the sustainable building of the future in one of the most popular construction video games of the world.

We recorded the special competition successful well before winning the honorable award since young people winking in the direction of engineering submitted numerous unique, creative structures to us.

We trust that these were not their last designs and soon we can meet them even in the tables of our engineers where they may participate in creating real buildings, too.

We congratulate to our colleagues, Tímea Nagy and Ákos Némedi and thank to the team of Positive Adamsky for the joint work and congratulate to them for the success!