Topping up ceremony of one of the largest residential complexes of Budapest took place

Construction of one of the largest and most unique residential parks of Budapest has reached an important milestone, since Danube Terrace Grande to be implemented as a development project of the D&B Real Estate Development Groupreached its highest point and the topping up ceremony traditional in the industry could be held. Bearing sustainability, energy-awareness and smart solutions in mind, KÉSZ Group will hand over 790 highly convenient apartments in the Foka bay. The residential park is the largest housing project of both company groups, contributing to becoming of the Danube riverside more and more family-friendly.

Budapest is currently the scene of several grandiose projects and not only at industrial but also at retail level. District 13 is prominent from this point of view and, owing to its connection with the Danube riverside, the breathtaking view is guaranteed. One of the capital's residential real estate projects was also inspired by the environmental conditions, in the course of which according to the designs of Vadász Architect Studio and Óbuda Architect Studio Danube Terrace Grande was born in 2023. The project has arrived at an exceptional milestone, since on 24 September 2021 the traditional topping up ceremony was held at the site.

The grandiose complex implemented as a development project of D&B Real Estate Group and constructed by KÉSZ Group awaits its prospective inhabitants with 790 apartments in an area of between 30m2 and 117 m2, with 19 shops, internal parks and community roof terraces in a highly-frequented section of the Danube riverside. In the course of the project sustainability, energy-awareness and smart solutions are highly important. These factors are important for KÉSZ Group because it started a long-term sustainability program and reviews its own operation taking account of green aspects. The company will reduce its carbon emission and ecological footprint by 34 per cent by 2030 compared to the 2019 figures. Furthermore, its objective is to do for a greener future not only at industry but also at retail level, so - together with Bence Máté, the world famous nature photographer - it organized an interactive, open-air exhibition at the site of the Danube Terrace Grande titled “NATURBAN 2021 - or nature moved to the town” in this summer.

Árpád Tápai, the Deputy CEO of KÉSZ Építő és Szerelő Zrt., the general contracting company of KÉSZ Group emphasized in his welcoming speech: “We have arrived at an exceptional day, since forming the landscape of Budapest and the Danube riverside involves extraordinary responsibility. The project takes an uncommon place in the history of the Group as well since this complex consisting of several hundreds of apartments is the largest residential projects of KÉSZ Group to date. I can proudly say that, owing to the skills and vocation of our colleagues, we could arrive at this point at a high standard and in due time. Our exemplary cooperation with the investor Danube Terrace Grande highly contributes to this success.”

“With the Danube Terrace projects we have actively contributed to revival of the district and the location for years and reconstruction of the part of the space near the stream and the bay will begin with the help of the D&B Real Estate Development Group. It is a great joy for us that Danube Terrace Grande has achieved an important milestone, not only in respect of architecture but also its sales volume: during eight months since the beginning of sales, near 60% of the apartments have been sold. It shows to us that the values of Danube Terrace Grande - sustainability, green living space and lasting architecture - are important for the apartment purchasers.” - emphasized Csaba Tóth, the managing director of D&B Real Estate Development Group.

The impressive figures also show how large the work is, that not less than 25 450 m2 of active concrete heating-cooling surfaces were installed, that are capable – owing to temperature control per dwelling premises – to save 20-25 per cent energy. Furthermore, 50,000 m3 concrete, 9,300 km reinforcement steel bars (Budapest-Las Vegas in straight-line distance), 220,000m2 formwork (44 football fields) have been used. In the aggregate it can be stated that the mechanical systems to be installed in the building are controlled and the flow and temperature of the liquids and air are monitored by the most modern technologies in order to provide the inhabitants with the most convenient feeling.