Revamped M3 stations shown in spectacular video

Revamped M3 stations shown in spectacular video

KÉSZ Metaltech Kft. presents a short but all the more riveting video of their nearly 3 years of work on the 9-station renovation of Budapest’s M3 Line. Technical Director Mátyás Zoltán Nagy guides viewers through the most interesting work processes, and the passenger-less station shows a very different perspective on the extremely complex and challenging work processes.

The reconstruction of the central section of the M3 is one of the largest and most complex aesthetic facade cladding projects ever undertaken by KÉSZ Metaltech Kft. The design, production and implementation of nearly 35,000 square metres of cladding, more than 7,500 square metres of canopy structures and nearly 15,500 square metres of suspended ceilings presented a major challenge for the professionals who – together with the strategic partnership of bim.GROUP – carried out this special task.

For example, the reconstruction of the slope shafts, ramps and track areas, as well as the construction of the connecting corridor at Deák Ferenc tér proved to be a highly complex process, and KÉSZ Metaltech Kft. is very proud of its skilful and prepared workers.

Sustainability is a key priority for KÉSZ Group, and has been kept in mind during construction as well. The cladding covering the supporting columns of the metro stations served as the formwork remaining from the original construction in 1970, thus allowing the architects and KÉSZ Metaltech Kft. to preserve the 60-year-old legacy. While at the Semmelweis Klinikák, Arany János utca, Nyugati pályaudvar and Corvin-negyed stations, the aluminium foam cladding used as cable covers was made of 100% recycled aluminium – empty beer cans to be precise – in line with KÉSZ Group’s sustainability efforts and requirements.

In addition to the aluminium foam cable covers, viewers can also admire the unique perforation imaging facade elements and the many spectacular claddings at the various stations.