Our latest BIM-Htemed video features well-know comedian

Our new BIM-themed short video was shot in a very different way, with the help of famous comedian Dennis Dávid Musimbe. With this humorous video, we want not only professionals, but also all our employees and laymen viewers outside the Group to understand what the much-talked-about BIM is. In the short film, we show what the construction industry was like before BIM (with a bit of exaggeration, of course) and what it looks like now, thanks to digitalisation.

After all the industry conferences, trainings and best practices, we wanted to present this elusive topic in a slightly surprising and unconventional way. The aim was to summarise the main benefits of the BIM approach and digitalised operations in a way that is understandable to everyone, even laymen. We believe that BIM is one of the keys to remaining competitive in the future.

Why did we ask a comedian to be the face of the campaign? As the subject is not an easy one, we wanted to present BIM in a way that is fun to watch, even if the content is somewhat technical. The video with Dennis can be watched by anyone who is not connected to the industry, as it is like a real stand-up show on the construction industry.