Our kész sustainability program won greengage main prize

Our kész sustainability program won greengage main prize

On 3 May we could receive in a ceremony the "GREENGAGE 2023" prize recognizing the Group's KÉSZ Next sustainability program, which was won by our Group in the "Supporting tools" category.

Popularization of the sustainability approach is highly important for us. Therefore, we launched our double-purpose KÉSZ Next program: firstly we would like to divert the Group towards sustainable development and secondly to set an example to domestic market operators. Therefore, it is a huge appreciation and a great joy for us that we could receive the main prize of Greengage 2023 in the Supporting tools category by our sustainability endeavors.

The objective of the „GREENGAGE 2023 Award” launched and organized by Professional Publishing Hungary (PPH) is to recognize those successful companies that nowadays manage the sustainability approach in Hungary as highly important also in the practice. Sustainability endeavors may manifest themselves in several ways: the nominated companies include such companies which offer environmentally-friendly products, others support the market with their sustainable improvements and processes or launch attitude forming campaigns among their own employees and partners, just as we have done so. In the "Supporting tools" category KÉSZ Group was the winner of the category from among 11 applicants for implementation of the KÉSZ Next sustainability program.

Total 29 applicants from several market segments applied for in four categories, from the bank sector to retail trade. The professional jury evaluated the applications as to how big the program's effect is, what results it has achieved, how innovative the solution is and what progresses have been achieved from the point of view of sustainability compared to the previous level. In her evaluation, the CEO of PPH emphasized: "Nowadays sustainable way of thinking is indispensable and it is good to see that the companies intend to do and actually do more and more for it and are working continuously on new, better and better solutions."


"The Greengage category award won by our KÉSZ Next sustainability program is a very positive feedback and an important confirmation for us from a professional jury. Actually, our sustainability program is the result of a close cooperation between Milestone's sustainability team and the marketing department, the outcome of which is a professionally well-founded education, however, entertaining campaign, in the course of which we strive to communicate this not only to our colleagues but also to the general public in an individual and unusual way. We trust that the outcome of our work will grow ripe as time goes by and many of our colleagues consider the issue of sustainability and look at it with new eyes and so they will live their daily lives more cautiously not only in the office and project sites but also in their homes." - said Tímea Nagy, the marketing communication manager of KÉSZ Group.

We congratulate to all finalists and winning applicants and thank to all of our colleagues who supported and tracked the events and participated in the last year's programs.