Our colleagues were Lecturers in a National Quality Conference

Our colleagues were Lecturers in a National Quality Conference

The ISO 9000 Forum organized the XXIX National Quality Conference on 15-16 September in Balatonalmádi with more than 200 participants in which our two colleagues, Edit Csizmadia, the sustainability expert of MileStone Gazdasági és Mérnöki Tanácsadó Kft. and Tibor Seidl, the business development expert of KÉSZ Építő és Szerelő Zrt. also held lectures.

The event was about the remaking of world order, the description of crisis management methods and examples of restarting, as well as introduction of the competitiveness increasing effect of Industry 4.0 and Quality 4.0. Our environment and living space have radically changed over a few years and our future daily life will be characterized by such continuous change and transformation in the future, too. The prominent purpose of the event was introduction of the best practices and so transfer of knowledge and experience. Besides, the conference provided an opportunity for carrying on professional discussions after the events cancelled due to the pandemic.

Edit's lecture was about global and local environmental and social problems and about how the business sphere responds to these. She mentioned also what motivated the companies to switch over to more sustainable operation within a very short time. The consideration of ESG, i.e. „Environmental”, „Social” and „Governance” factors in investor and financing decisions and risk management were started to be emphasized as early as in the beginning of the 2000s in the analyses but the real market breakthrough took place in the last 1-2 years. More and more companies prepare their ESG strategy, measure and report their ESG data and professional qualification companies were also specialized in their evaluation. In response to the regulatory, investor and market expectations, in 2021 KÉSZ Group decided on starting an overall and long-term sustainability program. In her lecture, Edit presented the steps, results and practical experiences of this program.

In his lecture Tibor spoke about the digital solutions supporting construction works, about how and by what tools the construction section seeks to enhance the efficiency and to improve the quality of works. In this field numerous technical solutions might assist the processes and, in addition to various tools and solutions, the construction companies are dealing also with establishing an approach enhancing smooth flow of works as well. It allowed an interesting outlook that the development of digitalization methods will expectedly accelerate in the forthcoming years. Based on research studies, the development itself and the development of the tools relying on the use of artificial intelligence can be expected to be by more than 30% higher in the next 3-5 years (based on the survey of McKinsey&Company). The operators of the market offer solutions - and contractors seek for applications - that can be integrated in construction processes and actively support the participants in projects in each section of a project, from design to operation. In the lecture, requirements for solutions were presented and it was also presented by what objectives the construction companies are driven and what results can be expected of these digital tools and in what fields. In addition, Tibor mentioned enhancement of efficiency achievable by changes in approach where the results achievable by analysis of processes and reduction of various losses lead to construction at a higher standard, by the deadline and within the specified cost limits. In this field the lecture was closed by brief introduction of the major principles of LEAN Construction.

Thanks to our colleagues for their representation of KÉSZ Group at the National Quality Conference.