Bim Scholarship Program

Our bim Scholarship Program attracted extraordinary attention

More than 40 (Hungarian and foreign) applications were received for the BIM Scholarship Program implemented in cooperation of KÉSZ Group and the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME), these are already under evaluation and we will select the candidates to the next round until 10 October. The final apprentice team will be set up in cooperation of several fields through personal interviews and the successful applicants may join the team in November. The applicants could meet the employees of KÉSZ Group personally since we organized displacement in the "K" building of BME in late September.

The primary purpose of the program is to achieve that the students on scholarship support the BIM transformation of the Group in more and more fields and integration of the approach essential for digitalization of the construction industry. It means a highly important step for KÉSZ Group, mainly in respect of our member companies and strategic partners prominent from BIM aspect.

This initiative is one of the important steps of implementation of the Group's BIM Strategy approved in this January, within the framework of which we awaited the applications of civil engineer and architectural engineer students, as well as mechanical and electrical engineer students learning in bachelor's degree (3-year or 4-year) and on master's degree in the Budapest University of Technology and Economics and open for the BIM approach and innovative way of thinking.

The scholarship is simultaneously a flexible apprentice program lasting for 8-12 months, in the framework of which students may become acquainted with real construction projects, last but not least the BIM approach on which the Group's future is built at first hand. Besides, the students admitted receive career counseling and tailored coaching and also support in writing their thesis.