Nature moves to town - KÉSZ Group “greens” by an interactive exhibition

KÉSZ Group calls the attention to sustainability by an interactive open-air exhibition. The company exhibits more than one hundred exceptional photos of Bence Máté, the world-famous nature photographer on the occasion of starting the company's sustainability program. The whole material of the exhibition can be viewed and the campaign is attached also to a webAR solution.

The issue of sustainability is one of the most significant of the challenges faced by the construction industry. So KÉSZ Group, one of Hungary's largest construction groups, as a responsible company, embarked on an overall and long-term sustainability program, in the course of which it will reduce by 2030 its carbon dioxide emission and ecological footprint by 34 per cent compared to 2019.

We, at KÉSZ Group are constantly work for improving our operation and processes using innovative solutions and technologies. We wish to do for a greener future not only on industry but also on retail level, so we will start more activities and campaigns in the near future. One of our such activities is our interactive, open-air exhibition representing also the starting of our sustainability program presenting the works of Bence Máté, the world-famous nature photographer. The pictures of the exhibition were selected to reflect the corporate values of KÉSZ Group” - said Tibor Metykó, the marketing and communications director of KÉSZ Group.

At the “NATURBAN 2021 – or nature moved to town” exhibition the world-famous nature photographer's more than 100 works await visitors in Budapest, in District 13. There was a microsite created to the exhibition and the whole material of the open-air exhibition can be viewed at, so the works can be seen by anyone anywhere. In the website the exclusive audio commentaries of Bence Máté are also available by means of which both visitors and virtual visitors can obtain knowledge of the stories behind the photos.

The campaign is accompanied?? also by a webAR solution, i.e. a natural photo comes to life with the help of a web-based, extended reality platform . Those who inquire can meet this photo and on-line animation in several provincial large towns.

The company will launch also a Hackaton competition in the second half of the year, in the course of which it seeks a partner for achieving its sustainability goals. In the course of this the participants - young specialists, start-up enterprises - will bring solution proposals for specific sustainability-related problems.

NATURBAN 2021 – Meeting of the living environments, or nature moved to the town
Interactive exhibition of Bence Máté and KÉSZ Group
Time: 15 May 2021 - 30 June 2021
Location: 1138 Budapest, corner of Úszódaru and Sólyatér streets (construction of Danube Terrace Grande)