KÉSZ Ipari Gyártó Kft. works with largest tube laser in the construction industry

KÉSZ Ipari Gyártó Kft.'s Kecskemét plant boasts the largest and most powerful Trumpf TruLaser Tube 7000 (T07) tube laser, which is specialised in cutting not only steel but also other "thermally cuttable" materials such as stainless steel, aluminium, copper and bronze. In addition, it can accommodate materials up to 6.5 m and 254 mm in circumference, making it the largest tube laser in the construction industry.

With a laser power of 6 kW, it provides KÉSZ Ipari Gyártó Kft. with substantially lower maintenance costs in terms of both component requirements and energy compared to conventional laser sources.


Its procurement was necessary because an increasing number of fabricated structures contain profiles with relatively small wall thicknesses and small diameters.

The purchase took into account the Group's growing interest in the production and assembly of free glass surfaces, which requires such an advanced piece of equipment to create screw joints in inaccessible areas of long parts.


Cuttable profiles include H, L and U-shaped profiles, hollow sections and tubes, but the tube laser also allows for cutting special profiles as well as their seam preparation.

The steel structure plant’s new tool is capable of drilling and even making threaded bores. Due to its faster-than-expected operation, it is now usually operated in a single shift.