KÉSZ Ipari Gyártó Kft. participated in a space research program

A team of Hungarian students launched an educational research rocket with participation of KÉSZ Ipari Gyártó Kft. At the request of BME (Budapest University of Technology and Economics) Aerospace Team, we constructed the 181 kg hollow section launch base of the rocket with adjustable height that allowed performance of biomedical and atmospheric physics experiments.

KÉSZ Ipari Gyártó Kft. took part in launching Hungary's first supersonic rocket. The request was received from BME's dedicated students who built up a rocket for research purposes working total near 16 thousand hours on it. The foundation of the rocket's launch tower was constructed at the request of BME's Aerospace as the supporter of the team in the plant of KÉSZ Ipari Gyártó Kft.

The specialty of the project is that, in the case of the 181 kg hollow section launch tower, the distance of the feet is rather large, so during welding deformation needed to be minimized so that the tower stands stable and completely horizontally on the ground. Our specialists set up several screw connections requiring high precision for the structure of the launch tower adjustable for height. In order to ascertain the compliance of the structure we used - where it was possible - assembled production and then carried out complete test installation of the whole structure.

The test launch of Aether-S research rocket for educational purposes took place – when the necessary permits were available and the precautions are observed – in Várpalota, at the 1-point shooting range of the Böszörményi Géza Team Training Ground Command of the Hungarian Defense Forces. The 3 meter long, solid propellant educational research rocket is Hungary's first supersonic equipment that carried out two scientific experiments during flight: a biomedical experiment with living bone-cells and an atmospheric physics experiment measuring magnetism of the Earth.

Congratulations to the specialists of KÉSZ Ipari Gyártó Kft. for supporting the young team and to the outstanding performance of the engineers spreading their wings.