KÉSZ Holding Zrt. won a sustainability award

KÉSZ Holding Zrt. won the award in the sustainability category in K&H Bank's competition for family businesses, which was received by CEO Tamás Vida at the Forbes Family Business Gala.

For the eighth time, the K&H Family Business Excellence Awards were presented to Hungarian companies that demonstrate outstanding performance in long-term strategy, innovation, successful generation change or sustainability programmes. The competition was judged by a seven-person jury based on the professional criteria specified in the call for entries, and a total of 7 applicants were awarded in the four categories, including KÉSZ Holding Zrt. in the sustainability category.

"This prestigious recognition is tangible proof that the values and strategies laid down more than 40 years ago by our founder Mihály Varga provide the right foundation for the long-term development of KÉSZ Holding," said Tamás Vida, CEO of KÉSZ Holding Zrt.

One of the key areas of K&H's strategy is to promote entrepreneurship, in which it engages Hungarian family businesses as well from 2015. "In our view, family businesses are not only an important part of the Hungarian economy and society today, but will play an even more important role in the future in terms of growth and preserving social values. That's why we place a strong emphasis on serving these companies, supporting their long-term operation and carrying on family values. One of these initiatives is the K&H Family Business Excellence Awards, launched in 2016," said Ákos Ékes, Head of the K&H Family Business Centre.


At the Awards Gala, Ákos Ékes stressed: "The profile of this year's winners is very diverse, ranging from livestock breeding and crop production to building services and construction solutions, as well as the automotive industry. Based on the entries received, we see that the biggest challenge remains the selection and planning of the appropriate strategy. Furthermore, the best practices that have just been awarded show that environmental sustainability has been integrated into family business values, and we have seen more and more successful and exemplary examples of generational changes."

The K&H Family Business Club, of which KÉSZ Holding Zrt. is an active member, was founded in 2015. The aim of the club is to provide an intimate environment where family business owners can be inspired by each other and by professional speakers, where they can share experiences about their family and business challenges and successes.