KÉSZ Group's women's day campaign negatives stereotypes

KÉSZ Group launched a campaign on Women's Day to break the stereotypes of the industry: it gifted professional portfolio photography to its winning female employees drawn from the lot of applicants and introduced its female employees working in the industry considered to be rather manly using personal career stories. KÉSZ Group's objective is to call the attention to the fact how many different career opportunities are there in the Hungarian construction industry.

Construction industry still attracts much more male workers: according to KSH's 2020 data, taking account of all employees, 13 per cent of men and 1.4 per cent of women worked in the construction industry in which most of the employees, i.e. more than 92 per cent of the employees were men. KÉSZ Group, one of the largest construction companies of Hungary wishes to present just the fact that those who work for a construction company can choose from numerous various careers. The objective of KÉSZ Group is to achieve that more and more female employees think of this industry, too, when they are before job seeking or career-choosing.

Woman in the construction industry
On 8 March the female employees introduce themselves on the social media pages of KÉSZ Group (Facebook and Linkedin pages) and tell what motivate them in the daily life and why they like to work for a construction company. In the course of the campaign total eight female employees took part in the professional photography and presented the area where they work. So for example, an employee working as a structural designer or real estate development manager also tells how she can succeed in an area considered to be a "male" one by public opinion.

"Most people identify the construction industry with physical work and male working force, albeit the industry has several other parts that play essential roles in the success of the individual projects. The construction industry and the construction professions do not belong to the most popular ones among women, although in such a company they may participate in such projects that are able to reshape the town scene or just make the everyday transport of people easier. We would like to show that there are a great number of opportunities in the construction industry also for women and our purpose is to achieve that more and more female employees start thinking of this field as well" - said Tibor Metykó, the marketing and communications director of KÉSZ Group.

Moreover, the construction industry has combated with a serious shortage of specialists for years, starting from manual workers to graduated engineers. It can be explained by he fact that young people before career-choosing simply do not have sufficient knowledge of some professions, such as civil engineer. However, a construction company needs - among others - also sales, marketing or just purchasing employees. Therefore, KÉSZ Group has worked for years to make construction industry attractive for young people before career-choosing and employees.

The photos made and the career stories can be viewed in the following gallery:
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