Építő Kupa

The Építő Kupa (Construction cup) trophy is now in its place of pride in KÉSZ Group's display case

The employees of KÉSZ Group put in an outstanding performance at the traditional Construction Cup and Family Day organised by PromoSport Kft. Teams from 32 companies – general contractors, key suppliers and service providers representing the domestic construction sector – competed at the event at the Ikarus BSE Sports Park in Budapest. Playing for the cup, KÉSZ Group employees did not lose a single match, and except for 2 draws, they were victorious in all of their qualifiers.

The teams played some very exciting matches. By late afternoon, only four teams remained standing in the competition, including the silver medallist of the 2021 High Builders Cup, i.e. the enthusiastic KÉSZ Group team, the runners-up of last year's Infrastructure Cup, V-Híd Zrt. as well as Merkbau Zrt. and MKIF Zrt., which latter made its first appearance at the tournament. It was particularly fortunate that the winning KÉSZ Group team only entered the contest at the very last moment, by invitation, and still came out on top.

As is the tradition, the leader of the winning team, in our case Mihály Varga, the founder and chairman of the supervisory board, took the cup over from last year's champion, Market Zrt. KÉSZ Group thanks the following team members for their effort and success: Tamás Hamar, Csaba Molnár, Ádám Nagysolymosi, Ákos Némedi, Sándor Péter, Roland Szanka, Bence Varga, Viktor Véró.

Építő Kupa The 2023 Construction Cup and Family Day started with the registration of more than forty general contractors, road and railway construction companies and the largest domestic suppliers, of which in the end 32 teams participated in the tournament.

The sports day full of twists and turns ultimately saw V-HÍD Zrt. take second place, Merkbau Zrt. third and MKIF Zrt. finished in fourth place.

Congratulations to the staff of KÉSZ Group for their victory. Well done, boys!