Development of KÉSZ Group's economic activity in the Serbian Republic

Development of KÉSZ Group's economic activity in the Serbian Republic

Supporter's name: HEPA Magyar Exportfejlesztési Ügynökség Zrt.
Name of the competition: West Balkan Investment Framework
Project's title: Development of Kész Group's economic activity in the Serbian Republic Contracted support: HUF 149,886,563
Introduction of the project content:

KÉSZ Group is one of the largest construction companies in Hungary. Its successful international expansion, market independence and sector-shaping role highlight it out of the domestic competitors. KÉSZ Group's objective is to become one of the dominant companies of the Central Eastern European region and to achieve real international successes as a Hungarian company group there. Based on its results achieved so far on export markets, it can participate in the Outstanding Exporter Partnership Program initiated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

In achieving the international goals set, the West Balkan region, in which KÉSZ Group has been present for several years, plays a prominent role through its Serbian subsidiary.

In order to acquire the opportunities available in the current environment, KÉSZ Group plans to develop its Serbian subsidiary, K.E.SZ. INTERNATIONAL D.o.o. (hereinafter: KÉSZ Serbia) in a complex way. In the framework of the project KÉSZ Serbia plans to develop its engineering capacity both in qualitative and quantitative terms and, as a new service, it will start on a steel structure installation activity.

In respect of engineering services it plans to create such an engineering environment that is suitable for BIM-based work. In the framework of the project appropriate target software and hardware devices will be purchased that include, in addition to capacity extension, new adaptive innovation.

On the other hand, in the framework of the project steel structure installation is introduced as a new service. In the framework of the project, a new team of fitters is set up, for which work such indispensable equipment will be purchased as scissor lifts, telescopic loaders and other machines. As a result of the equipment purchased and other fitter teams to be employed for their use, KÉSZ Serbia will be able to construct halls, factory buildings and office buildings.

Implementation of the project began on 12 October, first by enhancing engineering capacities. Owing to the new hardware and software purchased, the office in Belgrade will be extended by new workstations, so the engineering design and construction works can be performed with higher efficiency and capacity. Furthermore, a new construction and structure installation sector was launched, in the course of which new machines (arm lifts, telescopic loaders) were ordered.

Implementation of the project is in progress, as a result of which KÉSZ Group's economic activity will continue to grow in the Serbian Republic.