The colleagues of bim.GROUP participated in BME's civil engineer training as guest lecturers

The colleagues of bim.GROUP participated in BME's civil engineer training as guest lecturers

The three colleagues of bim.Group had a new enormous honor. Eszter Varga-Arendt, István Márton Juhász and Arnold Gyuricza took part as guest lecturers in one of the MSc discipline held in English by the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME).

The objective of the discipline titled "Civil engineering automation and modeling" is to make students familiar with the typical work processes of construction professions, to understand the terminology used by specialists and to get an overview of the pieces of software used by them. Their modeling and analyzing skills acquired here enable the students to survey in a realistic way the cost and time needed for the work processes of the teams working in their own profession.

With this knowledge they will be able to determine the tools required for solving a problem and the possible solutions in an easier way when they get into the industry.

In the framework of the discipline, the students learn about Tekla Structures, AxisVM, Revit software and the Rhinoceros 3DA software used for parametric algorithm designing and its integrated Grasshopper plugin. Our colleagues presented the latter theme to the students in 3 blocks of 60 minutes each.

The three blocks were built up as follows:

  • general introduction of parametric algorithm design, its logics and opportunities,
  • through a practical example - i.e. the movable bridge structure of the National Athletics Stadium completed this year - we presented to the students the basics of software and construction of a beam structure,
  • through the example of two other projects already implemented (the steel structure of MOL Campus' steel crown structure and the "freeform" steel roof structure of Jedlik Ányos Secondary Grammar School) we spoke about and introduced the surface structures and the related operations.

Similarly to the previous years, the training of future's specialists continue to play a prominent role in the life of KÉSZ Group, so we are particularly proud that our colleagues have more and more opportunities in supporting the future generation of engineers. The practical examples taken from real life allow a deeper insight for students in the everyday operation of the construction industry, preparing them for the career of their choice also in this way.