Buildings became musical instruments: KÉSZ Metaltech composed music with steel structures

The metal and steel frame of iconic buildings has become a musical instrument with the help of a special device in the spectacular video of a construction company, KÉSZ Metaltech. The music of the film was given by the resonance of metal frames, i.e. the buildings themselves were used as occasional musical instruments.

The famous buildings of the townscape of Budapest were given an unusual role: they play as occasional musical instruments in a video, which presents the facilities implemented by KÉSZ Metaltech, a construction company. KÉSZ Metaltech Kft., a member company of KÉSZ Group, has been engaged in construction of steel structures and aesthetic and industrial facades from design to construction for more than thirty years. The company participated in the works of such iconic buildings as Hungexpo reconstructed last year, the Puskás Arena, the Agora, the Pillar Office Building or the National Athletics Stadium under construction, which will be the host of the next year's athletics world championship.

Musical instruments from metal structures, music from buildings
The image video introducing the company's activity and assisting its expansion on the external market is the work of the creative team of Positive Adamsky. The authors connected the uniqueness of various metal structures with music. To this end they placed a structure consisting of such sensor bonds on the frame of the buildings that take over the vibration of objects and transforms it to musical sounds. The musician in the video started to play on the buildings themselves, so the metals created and worked by Metaltech have been formed into musical instruments. The music of the film is the work of iamyank, a musician-producer who can be seen in the video. “Although I am a great fun of synthesized sounds, there are sound sources of unlimited number in the world the formation of which into music is an ancient tradition. The musical character of the monumental metal structures is relatively new on this palette and nothing compares to the depth and power audible through the hypersensitive microphones fixed on their surface” - he said.

The framework of the visuals of the film was given also by the buildings constructed with participation of KÉSZ Metaltech, where the game with mirror and glass surfaces played an important role and the grandiose of buildings was emphasized by drone shots. Nature also appears beside the industrial environment and the imagery creates a constant connection between nature, man and the man-made structure.

“We would have liked to show that there are real art and precision also in the buildings surrounding us. We are very proud of the fact that we could participate in the works of enormous iconic facilities that determine the townscape and will continue to be part of the daily life of people for a long time. Furthermore, KÉSZ Metaltech has numerous foreign references in addition to Hungarian ones and this year we continue working with the view to become dominant operators on foreign markets as well. This brand movie assists us in this” - said Róbert Barócsi, the managing director of KÉSZ Metaltech Kft.