bim.Group received a spectacular image video

The creative team of Positive Adamsky made the first, spectacular image video of bim.GROUP operating as an independent design office. The short movie assists bim.GROUP also in entering the foreign market.

bim.GROUP engaged in building design, including interior design, design of steel and reinforced concrete supporting structures considers creation of buildings as art, be they residential and office buildings, sports and leisure time facilities or just industrial complexes. With the more than 3,000 successful domestic and international projects behind them, bim.Group opens up to external markets even more strongly: it is assisted by the company's new, large-scale image video as well.

The conception of Positive Adamsky's creative team presents art implied in design. The film draws parallel between creative experience in design and such branches of art and performance as painting, dance or just classic music. In the short movie there appear a painter, a conductor and a dancer and then - with the same creator's awe - a designer. Moreover, the building in which the designer works is really a bim.GROUP work: it is the creation of the company's lead architect, Áron Bíró and the close-up shots are also the work of his hands. Not only the visuality of the film but also the progressive features of the unique music of Zsigmond Gerlóczy display the free and artistic way of seeing things used in designing.

“When we speak about creation, we rarely think of designer's work and architecture, albeit the design of an office building, a residential building or a museum is an artistic work in the same way where phantasy and creativity may fly. Therefore, we intended to have a film for appearing on foreign markets that reflects well how we at bim.Group think of the process of designing: I think that we succeeded to show what we mean by Art of Engineering” – said Zsolt Ballay, company manager of bim.Group.

Client: bim.GROUP / KÉSZ Group
Marketing and corporate communications director Tibor Metykó
Agency: Positive Adamsky
Creative Director: Márton Nagy
Strategy: Péter Mészáros
Account Group Head: Szilvia Mészáros
Animation: Melinda Kiss, Zsolt Sterbinszky
Director: Örs P. Koblicska
Cameraman: Károly Spáh
Producer: Viktor Torma
Composer: Zsigmond Gerlóczy