Bim.Group Kft. employee wins special prize at 10th Eurosteel Conference

Krisztián Király, structure engineer of bim.GROUP Kft., won the special prize at the 10th Eurosteel Conference in Amsterdam with his PhD research "Sustainable composite floor and frame system – structural behaviour and design", which was prepared in cooperation of KÉSZ Group and the Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

Outstanding papers were awarded in four categories, of which Krisztián Király won the special prize in the "New Technologies for Design and Fabrication" category.

The popular conference featured 450 speakers on 19 topics. One of this year's highlights was the sustainability of the construction industry, the recycling of building materials, but especially the reuse of existing structural elements and the design of dismantlable structures.

To achieve carbon neutrality, the most efficient solution is to use a dismantlable structure that fits the circular economy model, i.e. to adapt supporting structures that can be dismantled and removed at the end of the building's life cycle in a planned, non-destructive way, and then rebuilt on a new site according to the new needs.


In order to achieve this, new structural, technological and economic solutions are needed, i.e. the openness of industry and the economy is a fundamental condition. Krisztián Király and his research team are working on the development of such a sustainable, dismountable composite structure system.

Krisztián Király, in cooperation with the University and KÉSZ Group, is developing a dismountable composite floor that follows international sustainability trends and adapts to the specificities of the Hungarian construction industry. The first pilot programme of a structural system of prefabricated reinforced concrete panels connected by steel beams, with detachable sheared coupling elements – threaded stems – ended in spring 2023, and the results were presented at the conference.

The award-winning conference article and the full conference publication are available at the website below (