KÉSZ Group started a "Green office" team!

KÉSZ Group started a "Green office" team!

Recently KÉSZ Group recruited enthusiastic champions into its Green Office team, who are committed to protection of the environment, who are pleased to learn tricks and tips in sustainability that can be used in an office environment or even at home and whose task will be to motivate their colleagues for the purposes of more environmentally-friendly office operation.

KÉSZ Group pays higher and higher attention to the theme of sustainability. We organize workshops and innovation days, work on our own sustainability strategy and now we actively involve our colleagues into this process.

A dominant element of our sustainable operation is the greener office background and its appropriate quality. Operation of the offices involves considerable environmental impact since we use electricity and water, cool and heat, print, generate wastes and transport. If we take care, we can do this in a greener way, i.e. using less resources and emitting less harmful substances. The Green Office Program of KÖVET Association developed more than 20 years ago, which we joined recently, provides us professional support.

From September the office building of KÉSZ Group in Mester street will also become green with participation of our colleagues. Of course, later, after the pilot project our other sites will also join the program. Together with the Green Office team and with the help of KÖVET Association we will survey on what level of development the individual offices are currently in terms of sustainability, and we will set up our action plan together with them and KÖVET Association will mentor and support us in the implementation, too.

Our objective is to set up such a work environment that is not only sustainable but also inspiring for all of us.

Each of the Green Office team members

  • receives a free, half-day Green Office training
  • may actively participate in establishing and implementing the Green Office action program of the office building.
  • within the framework of this, we will ask each team member to find out ideas within his or her own office how it is possible to operate in a greener way and how these ideas can be implemented, using the knowledge learned in the training.
  • may join a Green Team discussion total 4 times a year in October and November. There will be brainstorming and the team members will report individually on how they are doing with the process and there will be mentoring also here.

The program will end in November and till then the experts of KÖVET Association will continuously cooperate with the Green Office program and support implementation of their own ideas.