The facade design engineering further training of KÉSZ Metaltech kft. started with oversubscription

The facade design engineering further training of KÉSZ Metaltech kft. started with oversubscription

In the building facade design and construction sector, there is a growing demand for the work of facade design engineers, who can be present from the initial stages of investment planning, in collaboration with project managers, architects and manufacturers.

In response to the increased market demand, the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology of the University of Pécs (PTE MIK) launched a specialist training program in facade design engineering in February 2022, together with companies renown in international and domestic circles. It is of particular importance because in Europe this is the 4th training program of such kind launched.

The first educational occasion was held on last Friday and Saturday with an oversubscription, so finally 29 students started the first specialized facade design engineering training program planned for 25 students. This is a very unique project for graduated engineers, with a very strong professional background in which project both recognized domestic and international trainers participate. Education is conducted in workshops in which practice is given the same emphasis as theory.

"It is a great pleasure and honor for me that I was asked to become a trainer in the facade design engineering training program because it is a new role also for me. Both trainers and students started the training with great enthusiasm. It was a very positive feedback that the students asked questions right on the first occasion and an interactive communication evolved, i.e. an environment in which the participants can develop even each other. I look forward to continuation with great excitement, in particular to the collective work in small teams for complex designing facade coverings. We trust that this training can add to everyone's professional development and do hope that the excellences of the profession will come out of here." - added Péter Figeczki, the contracting director of KÉSZ Metaltech.

Congratulations to the employees of KÉSZ Metaltech Kft. for successful starting and we wish them much further success during the year!