Our country's first facade design engineering further training program starts with the support of our member company

Our country's first facade design engineering further training program starts with the support of our member company

The University of Pécs worked out Hungary's first facade design engineering further training program with participation and professional support of the managers and engineers of KÉSZ Metaltech Kft. The setup and content of the training program were developed with the help of our member company. Supporting vocational training and providing for professional succession are prominently important for KÉSZ Group. By this training program students can acquire unique knowledge and international experience.

Below we publish the press release of the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology of the University of Pécs.

The Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology of the University of Pécs was the first that launched a facade design engineering further training program in the country.

Increasingly modern, diverse and complex building construction solutions as well as the building materials used constantly present new challenges to those working in the construction industry. The professional design of the external appearance of our built environment has a professional and scientific background dating back years, and it is closely linked to the construction design and specialist construction processes. In the building facade design and construction sector, there is a growing demand for the work of facade design engineers, who can be present from the initial stages of investment planning, in collaboration with project managers, architects and manufacturers. These specialists carry out in-depth work on the detail and product designs of the facade structures of buildings, and play a role in monitoring construction processes. In response to the increased market demand, the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology of the University of Pécs is going to launch a facade design engineering further training program in February 2022, together with companies of renown in international and domestic circles.

“When designing the training, we took the current international standards into account and conducted in-depth studies to size up the coverage and carry out needs assessment in Hungary and abroad. Right from the start, we have been in constant consultation with the highly experienced representatives of the segment, and we tried to incorporate the conclusions of the analyses into the structure of the training, adapting to the current educational structure. During the 2 semesters of the training, students acquire the knowledge materials related to the professional engineering training in an increased number of hours and modules. Modular systems contain complex solutions for facade structural designs, analyzing the related material knowledge, production technology, standards, building physics knowledge, professional design and construction solutions, modern measurement methods, BIM applications, all with real market players and at real locations” – as Szabolcs Patyi, a colleague of the University of Pécs, Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, Department of Engineering and coordinator of the training, summarizes the content of the training briefly.

Teachers of the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology of the University of Pécs developed the structure and content of the training program with the professional support of the managers and engineers of Hydro Building Systems Germany Gmbh. (Wicona), Hydro Extrusion Hungary Kft. and KÉSZ Metaltech Kft. In addition, several prominent representatives of Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic and Croatia were involved in the education. The training is complemented by domestic and international study tours, internships, construction and manufacturing sites relevant to the semesters. “The market demand for facade design engineering training has increased in recent years, and it is a current topic that the industry wants to address in cooperation with higher education, applying a knowledge-centric approach. In the portfolio of a group of companies, a vacuum may evolve that colleagues with excellent professional knowledge, having received general training can no longer fill, so they need to specialize. Depending on the company profile, they can do this over several years, which period can be shortened by including a training site. Today, the more inserts certify the continuous professional further training of the engineers, the more their diploma is worth.” – says Dr. Gabriella Medvegy, the dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology of the University of Pécs.

“One of the core values of KÉSZ Csoport, which permeates its operation, is that we build on knowledge. Industrial competitiveness is an important aspect for our group of companies, and as such, for KÉSZ Metaltech Kft., and in addition to maintaining our current workforce, we also pay special attention to reaching young people and providing appropriate, professional training. Vocational training and reaching the new generation of professionals must be implemented in the most professional way possible in each of our business areas. We are talking about a vocational training which, whilst appearing as an accredited training in just a few higher education institutions in Western Europe, has an unquestionable role in the industry. In addition to basic building physics calculations and knowledge of the specific guidelines of the field, students can master the processes of production and assembly technology by combining design knowledge which will not only provide them with unique knowledge at the Central and Eastern European level, but also enrich them with international experience” – adds Róbert Barócsi, the managing director of KÉSZ Metaltech Kft. and branch leader of building construction solutions of the KÉSZ Csoport.

“The international facade and curtain wall business also requires international lecturers and students, who work together worldwide to create a viable and sustainable construction industry. This is exactly the basis of this facade design course. Renowned and recognized professors and experts from the industry have been invited by the University of Pécs to educate and train a new generation of international facade design engineers. The aim of the training is to combine both the mindset of engineers and architects as well as the necessary scientific background with ready-to-use practical experience. If one wants to become the best in this profession, one is required to complete the training” – says Werner Jager, the technical and marketing director of WICONA.

This will be the first faculty designer specialist training in Hungary, in the design of which special attention has been paid to integrating the education of knowledge deemed necessary by market participants into the subject matter. With the involvement of highly acclaimed foreign and Hungarian lecturers and engineers, in addition to the hybrid teaching method, also in mind the pandemic situation, students can acquire knowledge and a diploma in engineering through knowledge being passed on at production and construction sites. The training will also be launched in English in the near future, and each module is to be implemented together with the faculty's international higher education partners. Civil engineers, architects and representatives of fields related to mechanical engineering can apply for the engineering training with bachelor’s and master's degrees and undivided course certificates. Those with a bachelor's degree or a degree in mechanical engineering must certify at least 2 years of professional experience in the subject area when applying. You can apply for the training in the last quarter of 2021.

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