The project of Jedlik Ányos Secondary Grammar school arrived at a milestone

The project of Jedlik Ányos Secondary Grammar school arrived at a milestone

Our Jedlik Ányos Secondary Grammar School (JAG) project has arrived at a milestone since installation of precast reinforced concrete components was finished and installation of steel structures starts now.

The facility in Csepel is considered to be a special project for KÉSZ Group in several aspects since all operators of the SAS (Structural and Architectural Solutions) branch of the Group participate in it.

A SAS leszállt a JAG-rabim.GROUP takes part in the project and their objective is to renew the main building, to expand the assembly hall-vocational training and gym wing, to set up modern educational units, to perform full internal and external reconstruction, and to prepare the relevant construction technical documentation, all this in an area of 14,800 m2. Besides, KÉSZ Metaltech Kft is responsible for construction of the steel structure, to design the roof layer order, all this with aesthetic plate covering and alu-composite facade covering. dvb Kft. supplied the precast reinforced concrete components, Baumetall Design Kft. manufactured the Rib-Roof plates and KÉSZ Ipari Gyártó manufactured the steel structure. By October 2023 Csepel will be enriched by a school complying with the new requirements of the modern age, allowing so the high quality training of students. The purpose of the net 16 billion forint development is to establish a European-level educational institution and cultural center and, to this end, a museum and an archive will also be established near the school.

A SAS leszállt a JAG-raWhy the project is extraordinary? Among others it is extraordinary because the complexity of the steel structure requires assembled production or highly precise site installation and the roof is a surface curved to one or two direction(s) that requires the employees to apply individual solutions in implementing the roof layer order as well. However, the facade and roof covering works considered to be a complex task and the roof covering works are also worth mentioning. It is still not an aspect to be neglected that a pearl is built in the heart of Csepel.

Good luck to the whole team!