An award of excellence board was inaugurated for our benczúr 11 project

An award of excellence board was inaugurated for our Benczúr 11 project

In the residential and office building in Benczúr street reconstructed by KÉSZ Group, the Award of Excellence board awarded to the project as the highest recognition of construction profession was unveiled and placed to its worthy place on 20 May. On the real estate located in the diplomatic District 6, memorial certificates were handed over in a ceremony and a bronze board bearing the names of the persons participating in construction were placed and inaugurated in the building. The building was the winner in the multi-apartment residential building category in the 2021 Construction Award of Excellence competition.

During the project KÉSZ Építő és Szerelő Zrt. was assigned to construct a multi-apartment residential and office building with the historic level renovation of the protected building and general construction of a newly built 7-storey building complex. The project was implemented on the order of Pannonia Pension Fund. In the complex consisting of 3 separate buildings connected on the ground-floor, 39 newly built apartments of between 30-150 square meters were constructed and an office area of 1,850 square meters was created. The facility is complemented with a green belt landscaped formal garden and a 2-storey underground car park consisting of total 56 parking lots.

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The specialty of the building is - among others - that modern and classic lines meet and unique architectural solutions are applied. It also turned out from the information that the specialists complemented an atmospheric 19th century building with a new part, so it was important to achieve that the outcome becomes harmonic.

Árpád Tápai welcomed the participants of the event and said that winning of the award was such a feedback and milestone for the company, which they can benefit much from in the future, too. "I am pleased that we can inaugurate our board announcing winning of the Residential and Construction Award of Excellence on the Benczúr 11 project. I would like to express my thanks to our colleagues, the customer and the partners, as well as ÉVOSZ (National Federation of Building Contractors). To receive an Award of Excellence is always such a sublime moment that reminds you why it is worth to perform that work: for these moments."

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The event was attended and a speech was made by, among others:

  1. Árpád Tápai, Deputy CEO of KÉSZ Építő és Szerelő Zrt., a general contracting company of KÉSZ Group,
  2. István Árkovics, chairman of the Board of Pannónia Pension Fund,
  3. János Vokony, former chairman of the Board of Pannónia Pension Fund,
  4. Péter Nagy, the architect designer of TNA Studio,
  5. Attila Csuhay, the managing director - project manager of GPM Kft., and
  6. Dr. András Katona, an officer of the Evaluation Committee.

Furthermore, on behalf of the Evaluation Committee there were present Péter Bálint, deputy chairman of the Evaluation Committee who delivered the certificates to Péter Nagy, Árpád Tápai and Attila Csuhay.

Besides, the special recognizing, personalized Construction Creator Awards specially recognizing construction were also delivered because the last year's awards were not delivered due to the pandemic. This latter recognition was awarded to two specialists. One of them was Róbert Németh, a civil engineer of KÉSZ Építő és Szerelő Zrt. who received the award for management of the reconstruction works of the runway of MH59 Szentgyörgyi Dezső Air Base in Kecskemét.

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