KÉSZ Next! KÉSZ Group's sustainability strategy under preparation

KÉSZ Next! KÉSZ Group's sustainability strategy under preparation

KÉSZ Group pays special attention to sustainability and strives to improve, to the best of its possibilities, its operation taking also the sustainability aspects into consideration. We do this firstly involving the member companies and fields of the domestic parent company and then we progress from step to step, expanding to the necessary and sufficient extent, both in Hungary and abroad.

Our colleagues' opinion is very important for us, so before setting about establishing our sustainability strategy with the managers concerned, we queried our colleagues what they thought about the theme, what they wanted and what issues we should deal with more comprehensively in the near future. Very much thanks to everybody who filled in the sustainability questionnaire and contributed with his or her opinion to our set off jointly to the direction of responsible future. Although our common objective is to establish our sustainability strategy in order to create value on the long run and to enhance the trust of those concerned and the Group's resistance.

KÉSZ Next! Készülőben a Cégcsoport fenntarthatósági stratégiája!

In order to implement the sustainability endeavors, the top managers participated recently in strategy workshops in the Puskás Arena, where - among others - they became familiar with the national and international trends of the construction sector, the results of the sustainability due diligence made in the recent months, the Group's calculated carbon footprint, and the results of the materiality assessment - all this with participation of KPMG as professional consultant.

"We are very glad to support KÉSZ Group in establishing its ESG strategy and preparation of the first professional sustainability report. In this process the top managers' workshop held in end June, whereby we felt the maximum openness, interest and support of the managers, was a highly important milestone. Then we will continue to specify the directions, clarify the objectives and designate jointly the ways leading to them" - said István Szabó, KPMG CEE Head of Sustainability director.

In addition to starting the strategy formulation process, we are glad to announce that KÉSZ Holding Zrt. became a member of Hungary Green Building Council (HuGBC), which has united as a professional community all fields of the construction economy since 2009. The purpose of HuGBC is to contribute to the spread of responsible and simultaneously returning construction practices through promoting the necessary market, educational and legislation conditions.

"Successful, sustainable future can be implemented by continuous development and integration of new viewpoints. As a responsible company and Hungary's dominant construction operator, KÉSZ Group lays a special emphasis on its active contribution to sustainable development and establishment of its strategy and on improving its competitiveness on the long run by integrating economic, environmental and social aspects" - said Tamás Vida, CEO of KÉSZ Holding Zrt.