KÉSZ Group's own BIM training video is ready!

KÉSZ Group's own BIM training video is ready!

One way or another, many people could meet term BIM. This methodology is able to cover the whole Group and each branch thereof and can render assistance in daily life.

bim.GROUP is currently an active user of BIM solutions within KÉSZ Group but we plan to introduce the approach in the whole Group.

It is necessary because it means not only the future but also the present. If we fail to apply this way of thinking in due time in all fields, we will lag behind our competitors. Our purpose is to lead the integrated introduction of BIM since "Future is built in BIM".

In order to ensure that all of us understand the same under definition of BIM, we have prepared an own animation covering the whole BIM Group that explain clearly what is meant under BIM. So we can have a clear view of what advantages we can realize and what objectives we have in connection with integrated introduction of the BIM approach.

In January 2022 the BIM strategy of KÉSZ Group was approved. It was set up with participation of all the professional fields concerned. The strategy sets long- and short-term objectives in 8 horizontal fields (design, contracting, construction, production, installation, purchasing, logistics, real estate development / real estate management) and includes the action plans required for achieving these objectives on member company level.

Anyway, implementation of the strategy approved is already started in cooperation with employees, moreover for those who are specifically affected by this change (almost 700 persons within the Group) a separate training program was launched with participation of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics.