A Sectoral Training Center is established in Kecskemét

A Sectoral Training Center is established in Kecskemét

Competitiveness in the industry is a prominent aspect for KÉSZ Group and, to this end, attention should be given also to reach young people and to provide for their appropriate training besides retaining the current workforce. Our company has already achieved significant progress in several fields, so for example in this school year more than 50 students completed successfully their studies at the Group in three towns as welders, electricians, electronic technicians, cutting machine operators, mechatronic maintenance workers or building and structure locksmiths.

Now we can announce a new milestone since a Sectoral Training Center has been established in Kecskemét, with participation of KÉSZ Group in order to ensure that the companies have competitive workforce with the skills and competences corresponding to the needs of the economy. The project is based on the cooperation of companies and the existing workshops, infrastructure and equipment of the Kecskemét Center of Vocational Training. The Center brings a new era in vocational training and adult education. The training programs will be implemented in the fields of mechanical engineering, electronics and electrotechnics and trade.

"KÉSZ Group's national and international competitiveness depends also on how it is able to address young people and what vision it can establish for the future" - said Zsuzsanna Naderi vocational training manager. "Appropriate training and excellent professional knowledge are prominently important for the company. Our vocational training activity developed also with participation of IQ Kecskemét - which we aim to extend to sectoral adult training and vocational (further) training - aims to become an important pillar to ensure that KÉSZ Group complies with the digitalization challenges of the construction industry, our sustainability and environmental endeavors and to substantiate our international expansion" added Zsuzsanna Naderi.

The Kecskemét Center of Vocational Training was founded by the following organizations: KÉSZ Ipari Gyártó Kft., Kecskemét Center of Vocational Training, PROVIM Kft., UNIVER-COOP Zrt. According to the plans, the project will be implemented completely until end-October 2022.

More information and report on the event can be read in the on-site report of baon.hu.