KÉSZ Group started its general contracting activity in Germany in a joint venture form in 2015 and has performed it through its own subsidiary, KESZ Deutschland GmbH since 2017. Our German subsidiary is seated in Darmstadt near Frankfurt. 

Its principal activities consist in project management, investment organization and real estate development. 
The various structure construction and other construction works related to various real estate development projects are performed in Berlin and the other towns of Germany. These works include - among others - the design, project preparation and demolition works of a condominium consisting of 220 apartments, conversion of a shopping center, construction of an old people's home and a multi-apartment residential building, and preparation and technical project management of the settlement plan of Lajtania Park. 

Based on its local experience gained as a general contractor, our German subsidiary focuses mainly on real estate development. The new branch acts within KESZ Hochbau Deutschland GmbH. Its first development project was construction of a residential park near River Trave and the sale of the apartments. 

The strengths of its real estate development activity include - among others - long-term experience in implementation of complex projects, fast and reliable project design, full responsibility for costs, deadlines and quality, enforcement of sustainability aspects in the course of real estate development projects. 

They are committed to the compliance with deadlines, prices, quality and safe design and they offer guaranteed maximum prices to investors as a result of their main contractor's role.